Welcome to

the writings of kanishka sikri

I aim to create education resources, current issues analysis, and share poetry and prose that works to highlight and dismantle the hidden and overt mechanisms of oppression. I utilize these different mechanisms of sharing to begin critically thinking of ways to decolonize, and deconstruct the Colonial Capitalist Supremacist Patriarchy we find ourselves engulfed in. 

what do i write about?

  • Feminist + Gender Theory
  • Critical Race Theory
  • Human Rights + Development

This space is to discuss both on a beginner and intermediate/advanced level about the mechanisms through which male domination and patriarchal values are embedded into our world. We move through basic foundational definitions and backdrops, to debating contentions and contemporary feminist movements. This is a transnational feminist theory space, meaning we discuss women globally, not just white women or the "american woman". 



To move away from the flaws of predominately white + western feminist theory, I also address the intersections of race, gender, class, disability, etc, within a transnational perspective. 

I adopt a critical development and post-de-colonial scholar perspective on dismantling the western hegemonic notions of "development". This includes the study of politics and policy, culture and society, as well as gender and women's rights within the contexts of human rights and freedoms' attainment.