lottet is a discursive platform to critically discuss issues at the intersection of gender, race, human rights, and philosophy.

“We will endeavor to attract and appeal to all those who oppose encroachment on public and individual life. It will appeal to those who strive for something higher, weary of the commonplace; to those who feel that stagnation is a deadweight on the firm and elastic step of progress; to those who breathe freely only in limitless space; to those who long for the tender shade of a new dawn for a humanity free from the dread of want, the dread of starvation in the face of mountains of riches. The Earth free for the free individual!”

                   – Mother Earth Publication

Critical Race Theory 101

To engage in the race aspect of the intersection between gender, race, and human rights, it is important to understand the terms utilized in its discourse, and what it really means to navigate race and racism, both as a perpetrator and receiver.

Feminism 101

This a precursor to critical discussion, and a wonderful place to explore your understandings of feminism, intersectionality, and white privilege.

Intermediate Feminist Thought & Discussion

Engaging in critical discourse enables us the praxis to engage in analyzing current issues plaguing our world. So, it’s important for us to bear in mind different frames of thought and contentions within the feminist sphere. Here are some to get you started:

Human Rights 101: Practical Application of Critical Discourse

Armed with the ability to engage in active discourse, we can analyze the ways in which feminism, race, and human rights, as well as philosophy and distortions of its discourse, are reproduced in current narratives and issues on local and global spheres.

Literature & Art Analysis

The social fabric and dynamics through which we navigate our day to day life are exhibited through the media we consume, including books, artwork, music, newspapers, online magazines, and much, much more. Through analyzing these consumptions, we can understand what reality we current exist in, and most importantly, wish to exist in.

Please do not be intimidated by these discussions. This is a safe platform for a spectrum of learners in any of the preceding categories. There is no binary of learner and expert, we all exist on a spectrum, and this is a place to critically explore our own place on this rainbow. So, let’s open that third eye – together.